Cheap Web Hosting Services – Everyone Can Have Their Own Website – Part 2 – Choose a Hosting Company

Ok so in the previous article, we discussed the various domain names and types available to you.

Now it’s time to choose where your website “home” is going to be.  In order to get your website online you have two choices;

  • Host it yourself – Although it is entirely possible to host your site from your home PC it has to be pointed out that there are various reasons why this is not a good idea cong ty co phan cong nghe so Thien Quang.  You will use your own PCs precious resources, your internet connection will slow to a crawl – those two reasons alone should be enough to tell you to stay clear of this course of action
  • Web Hosting Company – This is the option that the majority of website owners opt for and it is my strong opinion that this is the only way to go if you want to have a website online for the world to see anytime they want to.

OK so it’s pretty clear that only the foolish would opt to host their own website at home, but with so many cheap web hosting services to chose from, which one should you choose?

There is literally a huge selection of web host companies out there, but as long as you stick with these main points then whichever you choose, your new website will be in good hands, and so will you as their customer.

  • Time in business – Just like you wouldn’t hand over your hard earned money to some company who just came into existence a week ago, the same should go for your intended web host.  It is best to stick with those that have been around a good number of years.  Overall, this will show that they are true to their word, reliable to their customers and lets face it, if their services were awful, it’s very doubtful they would still be in existence.
  • Customer feedback – When hunting around for your chosen web host, check to see if they have customer testimonials or feedback.  You’re thinking of becoming one of their customers so make sure that their existing customers are happy with the service they’re being provided and you shouldn’t go far wrong.
  • Bang for you buck – Are you going to be getting a lot of quality tools, customer service, and support for your money? Or are you just going to be given a run of the mill access account with no help or tools whatsoever.  By doing your research properly you will be able to find a hosting company that offers both great value for money and the tools and support necessary to get your website up and online fast.

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