Data hack affects your iPhone – account login details

The potential severity of the hack has only become clear after Gnosticplayers spoke to The Hacker News. Sample data shared with the site included names, email addresses, login IDs, hashed passwords, password reset tokens, phone numbers, Facebook identification, and Zynga account details. In addition to the Words With Friends hack, Gnosticplayers claimed responsibility for hacking seven million other clear text passwords for accounts from Zynga’s Draw Something and the OMGPOP game, which is no longer available.

Zynga said it had, “taken steps to protect these users accounts from invalid logins,” and that following further investigation players would be notified of any concerns.

There’s long been an apparent cat-and-mouse game between Apple, high-end Android vendors, and Cellebrite, one of a handful of security vendors that offer law enforcement the ability to get encrypted evidence off phones.

They had to take the devices to a Cellebrite facility in New Jersey, which could add jurisdictional headaches in executing warrants.

“You want to create a strong password that’s unique, and not shared with any other  hack pubg mobile This story originally appeared on Don’t Waste Your Money . Checkout Don’t Waste Your Money for product reviews and other great ideas to save and make accounts, especially important accounts like social media logins or bank accounts,” said Justin Brookman , director of privacy and technology policy at Consumer Reports. “And stitching a bunch of random words together is more effective than [using common tactics such as] changing an ‘i’ to a ‘1’ or exclamation point.”

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