Practical Advice When You Need Answers After a Flood at your House


What is the first thing I should do if my home got flooded?

Call your flood insurance company and file a claim, preferably before August 31, 2017, when the flood settlement rates go down.

How can I find out if I have flood insurance, and who to call?

Call your homeowner’s insurance company or your mortgage company basement remodeling marietta ga. They can tell you how to contact your flood insurance company.

Should I wait to hire a general contractor/remodeler?

No – Do detailed phone interviews Interview with local remodelers now, pick one and ask to get on his or her list.

An accurate estimate for repairs cannot be given until the tear out/dry out stages are complete.

What things are important to document with pictures for insurance purposes?

Document all damaged surfaces and contents. Do this before you do any remediation.

Specifically, be sure you take pictures of the water level at its highest (or the high-water line), both inside in all rooms, and outside your home.

Take photos of damaged furniture, where the water line got to on all appliances, including the washer, dryer and water heater.

Document what floor material you have in each room.

Take photos of all lower cabinets and document the type of countertop each has.

Take pictures of your vehicles and any flooded outdoor structures.

You cannot take too many photos.

Who can I get to remove the wet stuff from inside my home?

If you can cut the carpet into small pieces and lug it out to the curb yourself, do so.

Same with soggy furniture pieces, clothing, and items you can manage.

Do not remove the sheetrock and insulation yourself. Why? You may remove more than is necessary and this adds cost to the build-back.

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