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Valium is the brand name of the generic prescription medication Diazepam manufactured by Roche Pharmaceuticals. It is one of the most often used medications by doctors for patients who are suffering from ailments that are related to stress,whether the ailment is causing the stress or presents itself as a reaction to the stress. Stress can manifest itself in many different physical symptoms as well as develop into psychological disorders such as depression if it is left untreated so it is important to eliminate as much of the stress as possible as quickly as possible. Ailments such as anxiety can bring on physical symptoms that include nausea, chest pain, and excessive sweating and panic attacks have fooled many people into believing they are having a heart attack. These types of stress related ailments can progress to depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, and even suicidal thoughts if severe enough. Valium allows a person to more realistically view the situation and relax making it much easier to find a reasonable way to handle the stress before it escalates.

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Valium, in addition to treating anxiety, panic, and other stress related disorders, has shown promise when used in the treatment of PTSD. Those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder often exhibit many of the same physical symptoms as someone suffering from anxiety. PTSD is different than anxiety, however, in that is it usually based on a traumatic experience that really happened while anxiety is usually the result of a sense of dread about what is imagined could happen any moment. The physical symptoms of PTSD may include nausea, dizziness, chest pain, and shortness of breath.

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Valium also has an additional benefit for those are suffering from mild depression, in addition to relaxing a person it is also able to elevate the mood in most people. Valium is not a cure for PTSD, nor is it a complete treatment, but it is proving itself as an integral part of a treatment program and can increase the effectiveness of other medications that it is used with.

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